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    How to Wear, Store and Care for Your Jewellery with Aveen Jewellery

    With the current volatility and uncertainty around us, much of the fashion and luxury world’s conversation has been around sustaining, preserving and taking care of what we have. Similar is the case with fine jewellery, thus talented designer and jewellery expert Aveen Oghana of Aveen Jewellery shares her insider tips on jewellery care. 

    All the jewellery at Aveen is 18K solid gold, and can contain precious gemstones, fine gemstones, diamonds and enamel so needs to be treated with care to ensure its durability.

    At Aveen, we always recommend regular cleaning of your jewellery to ensure it is always looking its best. Dirt can collect in the multiple surfaces and crevices of your jewellery especially if you have not taken off pieces like engagement or wedding rings for years.

    We will clean any of your Aveen ready-to-wear or custom made pieces free of charge using an ultrasonic and high temperature steam cleaning. During our cleaning and polishing process, we will also check for any damage or loose stones and make sure your clasps are in good working order.  

    For maintenance we also recommend you clean your gold jewellery at home with these easy steps

    1-   Mix a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid or soap with warm, not hot water

    2-  Use a new baby-soft toothbrush to gently brush the piece including any gemstones

    3-  Rinse

    4-  Air dry or dry with a soft cloth 

    Please note, some gemstones like opals and pearls should not come into contact with water. Clean with a soft lint-free cloth instead.

    We recommend removing your jewellery whilst swimming, showering, bathing, engaging in sports activities or cleaning with household products, especially those containing bleach or ammonia.

    In addition only put on your jewellery after you have finished applying hair products, creams, makeup and perfume.

    Jewellery can be damaged if it is not stored properly. A diamond is the hardest substance on earth so even though it may not get scratched itself, it could scratch another diamond or gemstones or even metals such as gold and platinum. So its important to store jewellery separately wrapped in tissue or soft cloth.

    All our Aveen jewellery pieces come in a special soft lined pouch or box so make sure you save these as they are the best way to store your jewellery and protect it from damage or dirt.


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    *Product exclusions apply*